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A glance into coaching

Updated: May 4, 2021

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is a goal driven process which focuses on finding solutions and moving forward, rather than probing into the past for causes. The coach acts as a catalyst supporting the client to achieve their goals. Through questions, together we explore ways which might have been hidden in the dark in yourself till the light of coaching was shone upon them.

We coaches believe the clients themselves are the experts of their lives. Talking helps one to untangle their thoughts and give clarity of the situation. As a coach, we steer the client's focus on other ways forward by letting them know of their hidden skills and deconstruct their limiting beliefs. We have already gained more than enough knowledge to improve upon, yet all of us struggle to implement it in our own life. Motivation classes give you a head start to change but the fire fades within days. If you are determined to improve, having a coach by your side to keep you on the tracks of consistency takes your life to new heights.

What lead me to be a coach?

Once life began, there were many instances in my own life where I really wanted to talk to someone openly to get a clarity of what was happening around me, without the fear of using my own words as weapons against me. I had great friends but only a few had the time to spare to listen to me as they were caught up with their own hustle. My parents whom I consider my greatest mentors helped me wade through the high and low tides of life. But both of them, friends and family, out of their love for us, mostly sympathize in the situation and might not be able to provide us a space free from the emotional turmoil to think about it from all perspectives. I came to know not many were lucky to have people around to hear them out, understand them and help them forward. That is when I decided to be a coach. I know how frightening it can be when you can't see a way ahead, and painful when you think you have failed in life because you couldn't really see through yourself, your skills and qualities that perfects into the best version of yourself.

My passion for coaching

The reason I love coaching is it brings out the best out of people which they are capable of but were not aware of. My friends say I am a good listener. I love to hear people talking and I can listen to it hours on end. When I am curious, I just ask about it with empathy instead of making judgments about it in my head. Even if one talks about how a dear one's words or actions have hurt them, I would not label the dear person as 'wrong/bad' because I believe it is the actions that have hurt, not the person themselves. People are more than just an action. So, one can frankly talk about anything with me, about anyone and I would not look at those who were talked about with labels of sin. I look through the frame of goodness in which I try to find the good in people or the positive intention behind the actions which might have harmed others. I consider these as the skills which have helped me be a better coach.

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