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Accept the imperfectness

Have you ever come across a perfect being? If you think you have, then you just do not know the person completely. Every human being has his/her own package of weakness, pain, mistakes, and struggles. There will be parts we like and parts we dislike. Yet, sometimes, we are adamant our dear and near ones should be perfect. When we keep on looking into their imperfections, wishing they were just as we want them to be, we forget about how we are.

Even though we were all born the same, our experiences and circumstances shape each one of us uniquely. Our beliefs, our values, our viewpoints, all differ. So instead of labelling others right or wrong, or trying to agree or disagree, it would be more peaceful if we gave that effort to understand them. Accept them as who they are. I know it is a bit difficult, especially with those whose lives intertwine with ours. And more difficult with children as we feel that they are our responsibility, hence, we should shape them to perfect beings.

Once an adult, each person is responsible for themselves. Because you love them, you don't have to carry the weight of responsibility for their lives. In unconditional love, accept them as who they are. If you feel a behaviour of theirs will do them harm, share your perspective with them. If they want to change, guide them. If not, leave that to themselves.

Each one of us is struggling to be a better person, guilty of the mistakes we had made, not wanting to repeat those, and fighting with oneself to change the bad habits. But if you feel like the other person is going down the drain to self-destruction, then what they might have lost is hope. Be the ray of hope in their lives by understanding them, creating beautiful moments together and then gaining their trust. When they get a glance at what life is all about, they will want to change and live a better life.

Every person in our life is actually a challenge. We should be focusing more on ourselves and how we manage around the part we dislike about them. Don't wrong yourself while correcting others. Remember you are more responsible for your own life and behaviour than other's lives and behaviours. Embracing them as they are and trusting them will help us focus on ourselves better. Living every day being the best you can be by managing yourself, will make you the magnet of change in others lives. Till then, accept them, and each time your focus goes onto the parts you dislike, divert it into the parts you like about them.

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