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Afraid of being wronged

We think too much of whether we are being wronged than if we are doing wrong to others. Worries of if we would be taken advantage of put on the defensive shield of indifference towards others. Yet, the heart feels being choked as our behavior doesn't align with the values important to us. We ought to give, what we like to receive.

'What if I love that person with all my heart, and they betray me?'

'What if I give my all to that person, and they dump me?'

The daunting future might stop you from being 'you'.

If the chances of your fear coming true are low, then let it go and give it what you would really want to give. Be true to your values. Even then, if the worst turns up, you can tell yourself, 'I am not the one who did wrong. I am happy that I have been true to myself. What I gave will definitely come to me' and forgive them.

If you are mistreated, check if you had been unfair to anyone in your life. That might be coming back to you. Sort it out. If you never had hurt anyone intentionally before, this experience will be to strengthen you for a brighter future. Hurtful experiences give the most valuable lessons, which set the course to a beautiful life.

If the chances of being ill-treated are high, if there are red flags everywhere, I would suggest you save yourself. Fulfill the value in yourself before giving it to others.

Usually, it feels like the one who took the advantage is a winner, and the one who was taken advantage of is a loser. In reality, it is the other way around. The thief who robbed you will always be a loser in their life until they repent and you will be the winner the moment you forgive the thief.

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