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Are sacrifices worth it?

There will come times in life when you have to choose. The first path is what you have been planning for a long time, a dream or it could be a path that you have been walking through, something that fulfills your top values and you are happy with it. The second path can also be a dream, but it could have been unplanned, came up at an unexpected time, or you just realized that you can't take both the paths together. Your head wants you to take one but your heart wants to go with the other. The anxiety kicks in, weighing the responsibility of the future that comes in with the decision.

Look into which values will be fulfilled and which values will be dissatisfied as you take either of the paths. But most importantly, ask yourself which one do you really want. It is better to choose the one that you enjoy or love as you do it, not just for the expected outcome or result.

Never sacrifice if the person for whom you are doing it , doesn't even know how much it means to you. Do not sacrifice something you love to please others. As you do so, you begin to expect them to fill in the happiness that you had earlier got from doing what you love. Expectations from others might not always turn out to be true and this leads to conflict in relationships. If you want to let go one thing you had enjoyed earlier, to give more of your time and efforts to something you have found to be more fulfilling now, you may do so. I have heard mothers say, 'I gave up what I love, for you, I spent all my time and efforts for you, so that when I am old, you will look after me.' Do not resign from your passion thinking that you have to give in everything to your child, only then would they love me and look after me later on. If you feel like you want to enjoy every moment with your little one, if that is what delivers you more happiness and contentment, then you can prioritize it. If you feel like you can manage both of them together, parenting and passion, then take both of them. It is your choice. Only you know what your circumstances are (not all babies are the same), how much effort and time each requires, and how it can be handled. Think with your head and your heart.

Always know that if you make a choice, you don't have to stick with it your whole life, especially if you regret it. Situations change, you gain new experiences and insights. You are always presented with a new choice every morning, to stay on this path, set on a new path or take both of them. So sacrifice not for others or expectations, but for the new more fulfilling and content path you have found.

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