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Coaching Vs Counselling

Updated: May 4, 2021

Do you want

  • to achieve better life balance?

  • to take any area of your life(family, relationships, spirituality, social life, career, health, fun and hobbies) to the next level?

  • to balance between the different roles and responsibilities of life?

  • to manage time efficiently as per priorities and set a routine?

  • to discover your values, strengths, passion and purpose of life?

  • to set goals to attain your purpose of life?

  • a support to ensure you stick on to your goals and achieve them?

  • to discuss how to deal with issues which you believe can be managed on your own and take responsibility?

  • to discuss the necessary actions required to manage emotions which are under your control?

  • to talk about how to move life forward and get over your obstacles?

  • communicate efficiently and influence others?

  • to set on a journey of living better than yesterday?

If 'yes', then approach a coach, if you are ready to take up the responsibility to change and have the determination to take the necessary efforts.

If you need

  • to open up a troubled emotional experience which you can't manage on your own,

  • to explore your pain and discomfort from the past,

  • to overcome depressive, addictive, unpredictable, abusive or obsessive behaviours and experiences,

  • a support because you feel you are no longer in control of your life and feel everything collapsing,

  • a support because you find it hard to take responsibility of your actions and everything is spiraling out of control,

  • advice because you can't arrive at a solution on your own,

Then, approach a counsellor. They shall guide you out of the hopeless darkness into the hopeful light.

But in both cases, you have to be willing to follow along the path towards a better life.

' A doctor can only prescribe the medicine, but the patient has to take the medicine to see the results'.

Similarly, you have to contribute what is expected out of you during these journeys to get the result that you want.

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