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Just as I feared

When we get into doing some things, what are the dialogues that usually go through our head,

"Would I fail?",

"Would it be a mistake?",

"Would I be able to finish it on time?",

And at last, " It turned out just as I feared", right? And sometimes we get through with luck.

What were the reasons behind this failure? When fear or anxiety exceeds the limit or comes up in unnecessary situations, it hampers our performance. We would not be able to bring out our best. During school years, do you remember forgetting everything once we stand in front of the teacher even if it would be something we had learned well? The one I hear now is, whenever I cook something at my home, it will be really good. But when I try the same dish at my in-laws, it doesn't come up as good. The activity that I finish easily on days when I am free, takes up a lot more time on days when it is hectic.

Fear or anxiety is something needed for humans. It is a warning of impending danger. So then we can examine closer, analyze, take the necessary precautions and move forward. But when it affects our actions, it increases the chance of the situation we feared coming true.

Learn why or what are we afraid of or anxious about. Ask yourself the reasons behind it. Find ways to overcome them or avoid them, and persuade yourself. If the fear or anxiety is unnecessary, say in your mind 'Even when my fear or the situation I am anxious about turn up, nothing dangerous has happened to me, I am still alive, I can overcome anything that follows'. Believe you are ready to face anything.

Tell sternly to that fear, just sit in the gallery and watch out for any incoming dangers, don't get into the game to mess it up. Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. Then, work to bring out your best performance. Even after giving it your best effort, you fail, khalli walli, chood tho, leave it. Jump into what you want to do next.

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