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Lead your Thoughts

Alarm goes off. Thoughts: '5 more minutes'

Time to start workout or thinking about doing something you want to make into a habit. Thoughts: 'Nah, I will start tomorrow'

When you are triggered to do something you don't want to and had promised yourself not to do it again earlier. Thoughts: 'One last time and then I won't do it again.'

When you are emotionally triggered, thoughts run on fire and negative thoughts lead your behaviour which you regret later.

Do your thoughts lead you or do you lead your thoughts?

If your thoughts are the one leading you, you most probably will be fighting with procrastination and feeling miserable in life.

Your first step to succeed in life is to win this talk in your head. As long as your thoughts are on autopilot, you will remain in the same place as you are, your life will be the same as it is, you will keep getting the same results. Take control of your thoughts, thus your life. The first step for that will be to become aware of your thoughts. Practice listening to your inner voice, whenever and wherever you can. Be mindful of where you are, what you can see, what you can hear and what are the thoughts going through your head.

Don't just hear to these thoughts and follow it like a robot. Listen, then check on the reason why is it suggesting so and then ask yourself the most important question: 'What is it that I really WANT to do now?', 'What should I do now so that I will be living the life I WANT?'

Not all those thoughts in your head is yours. Consider every thought that takes you forward and lets you progress as yours. Every thought that pulls you back unnecessarily, the one that makes you procrastinate, the one that brings unwanted fears, the one that takes you back to a behaviour that you want to break free from; comes from someone else. You can give it a name- the little devil, the gremlin or the inner villain. Every time it comes up stopping you from taking steps that you really want to, tell aloud:


Let your inner hero win over your inner villain. Empowerment comes from taking responsibility of your thoughts, which leads to your actions, and later your behaviour and your life. So, let's change life by changing your thoughts. Enough with those destructive thoughts taking you through a desperate life. Live the life you want to live.

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