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Learn to love the path

You want to lose weight, but you hate workout. What are your chances of sticking onto workouts till you see the results you want? The chances decrease in proportion to how much you hate doing it, right? Be it any result you want, learn to love and enjoy the path that takes you there.

First, ask yourself why you hate it? Our brains love to notice only the pain or effort attached to it. Thus, as it persuades you not to do it, it brings in reasons which will make you hate doing it. Take a paper, write down all the words, phrases and thoughts that come to your mind when you think about it. Now erase all the words and thoughts that are unhelpful. Replace them with helpful words. Find things that you love about it.

'This is so hard' ‘This is so easy'

I hate doing this ‘I love doing this'

Not again ‘Wow, I was waiting to do this again'

When will I get the results so that I can stop doing this ‘I love doing this as long as I can, it doesn't matter when the results turn up'

And then, give it your best SMILE.

Replace this inner dialogue, even if you might not feel so. Trust me, just changing those words in your head will change everything. Say it, intentionally at first, then it will get easier. You will be amazed about how drastically it can change everything else.

Learning to love the action, just as the results, will increase your chances of getting the result. It will help you keep up your perseverance and improve your mental state too.

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