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Moving peace from sleep to wake

'Sleeping'- one thing people love to do the most. We love the feeling of all the noise (inside and outside) turning off once we fall into that deep abyss. Sleeping has turned into an escape haven rather than an activity to energize you for the day ahead. To wake up early, you have got to redefine the relationship you have with sleep and your waking hours. For some, the days might be overwhelming. You wake up late and you compete against time. While for others, it might be mundane and gloomy, without a purpose.The mistake they make is thinking they will wake up early and have a better day once life is 'set'. But the fact is, to get your life 'set', you've got to make waking up early a part of your lifestyle.

The benefits that they bring along actually makes your life the way you want it to be. Here are a few benefits of waking up early mentioned in the book "Miracle Morning Millionaires ' by Hal Elrod and David Osborn. Even if you don't plan to be a millionaire, this is a wonderful book to take along. I would like to thank Miss. Irfana Izzath Cholayil for this book.

1. Daily planning

Investing in yourself early in the morning, providing wisdom and clarity, and then planning your day ahead gives you the sense of peace and control over your days.

2. High energy

Starting the day fresh and clear along with some activity, will keep the energy levels up for the whole day.

3. More positive mood and resilience

Waking up early and spending the serene early mornings for yourself, will improve your mood. It will make you resistant to fatigue, frustration and difficulties.

4. Proactive problem solving

The less stress will give you space to think clearly and respond to situations rather than reacting.

5. Higher income

When you start responding and thinking clearly, you make better decisions and improve at managing issues. This helps in leveling up your life and making higher income.

6. Productivity

Planning the day early and managing the day with clarity and peace increases productivity. Waking up early, gives you more hours of productivity.

Now, are you still in doubt of waking up early? Believe it is a habit that can be changed. It might be hard but you are stronger than that. Just push yourself for the first few days, and then your future will definitely thank you.

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