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My Guide and My Worth: My Values

What is your worth? Some determine their worth by what they receive from others. If you are one of these, I guess you might not be so happy about your life and you might also be considering yourself worthless. You might be chasing validation, appreciation and acceptance. The conflict in your heart because you have not been behaving in ways you want to and the regret from reacting inappropriately might be haunting you.

Your worth is determined by the values you provide to others. The values you impart into their life. The vibe you bring in when you walk into people, when you connect with people. Focus on what you give, not on what you receive. What you give will come back to you, with the same intention you had while giving it. The funny thing about life that most fail to realize is you don't always receive from where you give. Many keep looking at those to whom they gave it to, waiting for them to give back. They might or might not. You might have fixed your eyes on them that you have not noticed others who are pouring what you want and have given, into your life.

Find the values you hold close to your heart. Give it to others as you want to receive, with the right intention. Once you find your values, ensure you stick with it in all circumstances, no matter what the external factors are. Most of the time we react and then blame others for our inappropriate behavior. From now on, before reacting, say to yourself, 'I AM (MY VALUES), HENCE I WILL RESPOND BY (YOUR DESIRED BEHAVIOUR)'. Once you start doing this, you can bid goodbye to the conflict and regret in your heart for your unbefitting conduct.

Thus your values become your guide on how to behave in any situation and you can remain true to your heart in all your actions. You can take control of your actions instead of letting others behaviour determine yours.

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