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'Out of control' to 'in control'

Is my life in my control? Will my life go as I have planned? Yes, your life is in your hands. If your life doesn't give you the results you want, change your plan.

Everyone of us would have had dreams, ambitions for a great future. But as time passed by, a lot of hurdles came in between us and our dreams. The hurdles and obstacles, most of them weren't in our control and some arise because of the decisions we had made. When these come up in life we think that these are to stop us from achieving our dreams. What most fail to realize is that the insights we gain from overcoming these hurdles are the necessary steps towards attaining our dreams. No where has it ever been said that if you plan your life, you will not have any obstacles and the path will be smooth.

There will always be a reason why that obstacle was placed right at that position. There will be a reason why the resources you thought you needed to move forward was unavailable at that time. There will be a reason why that person with that character was placed in that position in your life. The reasons will certainly unveil themselves, with time. But never consider these as stop signs sent by God. Only the obstacles you can overcome is placed in your path. Just because something not under your control happens in life, don't conclude your life is doomed. Believe there is a path around it and keep searching. Knowing that the moment in life after something not under your control has happened, is still under your control to choose and to make a decision, makes the whole difference. It might seem impossible at first. Instead of sitting there and staring at it, look for ways around it. You might have to make a few changes in your plans, not completely strike off your dreams.

These issues also evolve your dreams, purpose or mission. The issues brings out the strength which was hidden in yourself and also more clarity on your purpose of life. With these new insights, take the decision. Before you feel like your life is slipping away from your hands, grab the opportunity to take your life back on track. Ask yourself, what is that you want instead of relying on others to take a decision for you. It might be uncomfortable to take that decision, because as you take the decision, you take up the responsibility too. We have been accustomed to letting others take decisions in our life and then later on blame them when we don't get the expected results, waiting for someone else to step in again to save us. Till then just sitting there saying, "This is how my life was meant to be". Know that you chose this life.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. -Tony Robbins

You can always go to people whom you know loves you and really wants you to succeed in life, for advises and discussions. Communicate to understand each others perspectives. Then take the wise decision. One thing you have to believe is you always make the best choice you can at any time, you only take the best decision you think is the most apt at that time. Later on, if it doesn't give you the expected result, don't consider it a mistake. You never had the ability to look into the future and know the outcome. If you had you would have definitely avoided it. We always have the best intention and give the best efforts for positive results. If one decision and the actions that followed didn't give you what you wanted, choose a different path. You always have a choice in life. Sometimes, you will have to take decisions that are unconventional. While fighting your own self doubts, you would also have to learn to be rooted in the face of criticism as well as the fears of your loved ones. It is better to prove with the results rather than explaining it over and over again.

Focus on the way forward instead of the problem. Keep your eyes fixed on what you want. Take responsibility of your life by making that decision. Thus change your life from 'out of control' to 'in control'.

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