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Over others' perception

An idea pops into your mind. You want to do it. This might be the first step towards change. But then a lot faces flash through your mind. What would they think, what would they say or they might not support me. I am talking not just about the society, but people around with whom we live. Most of the time, reluctance comes from thinking about what others will think. The day you get over this, would be the first step towards success.

Every idea starts small and then goes through a lot struggles, questions if it was a mistake, doubts whether you are the right one to implement it as well as ponders every minute what would be the next right move or choice. And most us don't like others to see us in these positions and judge us. Well, let me tell you. If it is people around you, your family and friends whose support you think you need, talk. Use the power of communication. People who love you actually discourage you because they see their own fears, not because you are not capable of it. Prove them you are able to manage and overcome those by taking small steps forward. Once they see you are really into it and you will take it forward no matter what, they will support you. I promise that you will be amazed of how many will be their to back you once you start rolling.

Then the society, you have the strength over their silly judgements and mockery. People are busy with their own lives. Even if they might look down on your mistakes or joke your tiny steps, they will not hold on to it for long. Just close your eyes and ears to such judgements and reply with your success.

Get over others' perception of you. Create your own perception about yourself. Don't look at other's face for validation. Look at yourself, ask the person you were yesterday and you can see your past self beaming with happiness to where you are today.

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