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Patience is not Inaction

What is patience?

When going through a difficulty, is sitting idle without taking any steps towards improvement, known as patience?

Is suffering in a hard situation when there are doors to get out of it, known as patience?

When there is a conflict in a relationship, is being silent without trying to understand each other, known as patience?

Is letting a misunderstanding grow inside you, without communication, known as patience?

Is blaming others for your life and then waiting for someone else to change it known as patience?

Is struggling through a hard situation for others and then expecting them to fill in your happiness or expecting others to struggle too, known as patience?


Patience is giving your best efforts consistently in any situation towards the better, then hoping good will come even when the expected results don't turn in at the initial stages.

Patience is struggling through the rough waters, with a smile, with hope.

Patience is being able to change to another if one is not working, without holding onto the past.

Patience means bravely taking the next step which you believe is right, with unwavering faith.

Patience is responding to people with warmth and empathy, not reacting with undesired emotions.

Patience is not letting your emotions control you.

Patience is managing yourself to think logically as well as emotionally and then take wise decisions.

Patience is communicating to understand the other person.

Patience is letting toxic people out of life on a good note, if the relationship is still going down each time you try to strengthen it.

Thus, patience is not inaction. Patience is taking the right action at the right moment, with aspiration and without letting your negative vibes control you.

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