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Recreate the Pattern

Everyone lives through different patterns. These patterns will be created by beliefs one unconsciously hold in their mind. When working on the same thing, have you noticed different people focus on different aspects? For some, it will be getting the work done fast, no matter how the result would be. Others, who wait for the best settings just to start. Some look into even the minute detail to perfect it. What is your pattern?

Becoming aware of your pattern is the first step. Notice the talk in your head, the thoughts that flow. This talk will be part of the Script (Transactional Analysis) we have created, influenced by the words we have heard when we were little. Do these thoughts make me do things I want to or do these pull me back?

What are my thoughts, before, while and after doing something?

The pattern around things you had done in life will be similar. If you understand that, what you really have to say to yourself to get to do what you want, you can apply it where you want. Thus, do things you want to do.

Meditations help one to be present, increasing mindfulness. This in turn helps to be aware of these thoughts, which had been running in your head in autopilot mode. You can only change it if you can catch it at the right moment.

Then comes Affirmations. These positive sentences you say regularly will help you replace those unhealthy thoughts in your head. It can create magic if you know exactly what you want and what should be told to get it.

Thus, replace those negative patterns with positive ones.

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