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The Kids' Mother

Reshma is a mother. She has sacrificed all her dreams and wishes, for her family. She lives only for them. Her family's happiness is the most important for her in this whole world.

She is preparing lunch. Rice, ashgourd curry, carrot stir fry , sardine fry and pappad. Really busy. This has to be finished at once so the house can be swept and mopped, the laundry be hung and then the children be bathed and fed. Because only if these are completed, can she do the one thing she is awaiting the most - rest. But that too would only be possible if the kids also settle down.

In between the bustle, she pretends not to hear the one year old crying for milk. The 4 year old is putting up a tantrum and occasionally poking and pinching the little one. These shrieking cries are irritating her. When compared to her mind, the heat and smoke in the kitchen is nothing. As her hands juggles these, she keeps on cursing everything and everyone in her head. She has not noticed her son in class 5 playing games and her daughter in class 10 has gotten into a trap and chatting with a mask-wearing vulture, while pretending to be sitting for their online classes. Later on, the mother yells as the children do not take the food she had prepared with great effort. She screams as the children play around in the house, not wanting it to turn messy again after she had cleaned up. She can't convey her message to the children without raising her voice. During the little time she gets for herself, she tries to calm herself in the safe haven of T. V. or smartphone.

This mother struggles for her children day and night. To serve them tasty meals and to clean and tidy up their space and clothes. But if one asks the children about this mother who has given up everything for them, the kids will say 'Mother does not love us'. How many of you reading this can see this story in front of you?

What do our children really want from a mother? Love. 'Where's the time for that? Then who would do these chores?', some might ask. It isn't about how much time you have spent with them, rather it is all about how you spent the time with them or how you interact with them during these situations. Now, through a little adjustment, we can find a little bit more time for them. All they ever want is anything nutritious to fill their stomach, a space where they can laugh and play, and a mother who hears them and strengthens their belief that she loves them and understands them.

Dear mothers who live for your children, what actually is your priority in your daily life? Do they receive what you intend to give them?

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