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The strength of Love

Love, something everyone claims to have, yet fails to express. Concerns that come from a place of love, but when wrapped in a loud and harsh voice, give a different message. Most receive it as anger, hatred, and disrespect. For most, this way of expression is what they have learned from their environment and some are afraid that if they show their soft side of love, they would be taken advantage of or the one on the receiving end would be spoilt. But the truth is love can create a far greater impact than fear.

Even without a big logical explanation, they would try their best to do what you expect of them. They would be loyal every time and everywhere. But first, you have got to lay the foundation. Only when the other person knows that you truly love them, understand them, want them to be happy, and care for them for their own good, would the magic happen. The magic of Trust. This should be expressed in both words and action. If you only talk of it but never show it in your actions, or you express your love and care in action but don't bring it in your verbal communication, trust will remain incomplete.

  • Communicate openly. Ask them what makes them feel loved and cared for, what affects their trust in a person and about expectations.

  • Show interest to know more about them, i.e., their dreams, their worries, their perspectives, their interests. Celebrate their joys and wins. Give them a non-judgemental space to vent out their grief and anger.

  • Analyse your tone while speaking. A change in tone can express your intention differently. Asking them to understand them better, out of caringness and love, might feel like an interrogation and framing them as wrongdoers, with the wrong tone and words used.

  • Call them sweet names. Have some quality time with them and create beautiful memories. Occasionally, fulfil their wishes, do things that make them happy and give them gifts.

  • When they make a mistake, guide them through it by talking about how to correct it and what can be done instead in the same circumstances in future. For a mistake they did, there would be a lot of people around them to blame them and label them as wrongdoers. If you are someone who cares for them, show empathy and understand their intention. If you too label them the same as others, they would still go back into that mistake. Tell them you trust them not to do it again.

One should not take advantage of the other as well as shouldn't force the other to do something they dislike in the name of love, both these point to being selfish. Open communication of expectations, how it benefits, which parts cause disagreement and alternatives, would help.

Even if the whole world turns them down, you should be the one they can count upon. The strength of the feeling that there is a person who loves me, understands me, cares for me and wants me to be happy, is unmatchable. One would never want to be the reason for the pain of the one who loves him/her. Hence, no matter how many veils are there between them, they would still not do a thing that the other person dislikes and would be eager to do things that they like.

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