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The Unfairness

"Sabna, the world is so unfair. People are being oppressed. Innocents are being killed. The world is full of violence, poverty, illness, and so on. I feel so helpless and hopeless. How can I be happy when the world is like this? Don't you feel the same?"

This world would never be a fair place of happiness. This world would never be devoid of problems. That is how this world is designed. Problems, sometimes created by people and people who solve problems are the main gears that move the world forward. One problem only ends after sparking off the next problem.

But my dear, you are not the one responsible for the problem of the whole world. You don't have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You are only responsible for your life and your actions. Don't just immerse yourself in this sorrow and neglect what can be done. Even if you feel like your actions won't bring in much change in the whole world, brightening up the days of at least one person is enough. Do you want to be the carrier of happiness or sorrow? What do you want to impart into others lives? Choose what you want and fill it in yourself, then radiate it.

The world is not left unattended. The Creator is in charge of everything. The One who knows beyond the limits of time and place, lets some things be the reason for another. Trust his plans. Believe in him, for HE IS JUST. All those whose lives were unfair here will be satisfied by Him. All those who were unfair to others will be questioned by Him.

I voice out and take action when I believe it will make a change. Or else, I save my energy for something better and trust it with my Almighty. The peace I feel when I know that my Lord sees and hears everything, and He is in control, is unmatchable. Thus, I choose happiness, not because of how the world is but because that is how I want My world to be.

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