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The Worst to Happen

Work for the best, expect good but be prepared for the worst.

Most of our fears revolve around what if the worst happens. We live in anxiety when we can't find an answer for it. The problem arises when this anxiety hampers our actions in the present.

In the past, we might have given our best efforts to something and would have expected the best too. But then, the result might have shattered our hopes. All our efforts would have turned futile. You realise not all are in control, and the factors not in control also affect the result. Now, as years have passed, your effort and result affect not just you but the lives around you too. The risk has increased. Thus, the anxiety and stress level too. It feels terrible to feel stuck when you know what you want and what you have to do to get it, but just because of the fear of the future.

Anything can happen at any time. Life has no guarantee. The safety and security most look for is the most vulnerable position in this world. You would have seen it during the pandemic. Many have lost the job that provided them security. Many have lost people who provided them security. Hence, instead of sticking to safety and security, it would be better to equip oneself with the skill of resilience.

Resilience is the skill of being able to recover quickly from difficulties. One way to make it a part of your life is negative visualization. When you are making a decision and putting an effort into something, visualize the worst that can happen, with the hope that you can overcome it. This is different from thinking of the worst in future, immersing oneself in anxiety as you can't see yourself overcoming it, and not being able to take an action. Negative visualization comes with optimism. It is filled with the hope that no matter even if the worst happens, I can face it and overcome it. This not only gives you the confidence to take the effort in the first place but also prepares you to face the worst, if God forbid, it happens.

Once you are at peace with the future because you have an answer, you shall be able to focus on the present and put in the best efforts. More than the results, it is the efforts that satisfy your consciousness. Your intention and efforts value more with the Almighty than the result. You may tell yourself "At least I tried" and make that journey a memorable part of your life or you can live with the regret of not giving it a chance, still wondering what the result would have been. The choice is yours to make.

Until death, we always have a chance to improve our efforts with the learnings from the previous results.

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