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Waking up early

I put a program where I help ladies to wake up early. Some asked, 'Why would anyone WANT to wake up early? Everyone likes to sleep in late if they got a chance.' Well my dear friend, it might be the case for most, but not for those who want to succeed in life. Hence, there lies the reason why most can't succeed, i.e. get to where they want to be. Success in life has a connection with waking up early. This has been proved by all the successful people that ever lived. People who enjoy peace in life and are fulfilled, follow this lifestyle. At present, check into the current millionaires and billionaires, they all wake up early and spent mornings efficiently.

There is a biological clock (circadian clock) inside us which is in sync with the solar time. This clock is affected by our sleep time, meal times, exercise and stress. Fatigue and insomnia are some of the ways our body tells us it is out of sync. When this rhythm is disrupted, it leads to many disorders. Metabolic disorders such as diabetics and obesity has been linked with the circadian clock dysfunction. A number of mental disorders, like bipolar disorder has also stated this one of the factors. To read more of this, click here. The world is now paying the grim reality that follows behind the glitter of nightlife.

Waking up at dawn and sleeping after sunset, has contributed a lot to the better health of people in our last generations. They couldn't afford to burn the lamps and sit in late at night. What is our condition now? Many are still stuck in the kitchen hours after sunset and then sit on their phones late till night, because it has become their only stress reliever. It is a vicious circle. You sleep in late; sleep less or wake up late; feeling disoriented and out of control; stressed and miserable; and at the end of the day you fall for the instant pleasure of the mobile phone, for which you are actually trading your health and well being, again.

Take responsibility and change your behaviour if you are not ready to suffer the consequences of sleeping late. Blaming others wouldn't change the bitter future that is waiting for you, if you continue these habits. Be in charge of your life.

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