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Want to change, but how?

You know you are not at the place you want to be. You wish for better. You know you deserve better and you also have what it takes to get you there. But all you see are obstacles and you can't see a path forward. There are problems in you and around you. The dream you see is huge and you do not know if you can make it true with all these hindrances. At last, you ditch your plans thinking it is impossible. You carry on with the life you have, not because you love it, but because you are comforted by its familiarity. You are familiar with the path. You know the result, the end, you know what to expect, the path you see everyone around you take. This is what makes you want to stick with it.

But then, think about what you will be missing out on. Wasting all those dreams. The dream or vision only you were shown by Almighty. All the strengths that were instilled in you to achieve it. All the pain you endured to realise what your dreams are. Are you going to fail those few who believed in you, those who talked high of you, those who trusted you even when they didn't know what your dream was? The choice is yours.

If it is the fears stopping you, explore those fears- would so and so happen if I embark on this journey? There will be other reasons too that can bring up those fears, not just your dreams. Tell yourself, no matter even if I live the life I want to or not, those fears can come true. See yourself facing the fear and coming out bravely. Convince your mind you are strong enough to face anything life puts forward. If you have the skills and strengths, you also have the courage to face the struggles that come with them.

Now, look at your dream. It might be in the opposite direction of the life you are living now. Bringing in a sudden change will definitely overwhelm you. You might also feel you need more resources, more support to get there. Look around, what is the first small step I can take with whatever I have? Take that first step even if you don't see a clear path on how this will take to that big dream. Just taking that first step, will open up paths you have not thought about before. Support will come from places you never expected. Believe everything that you need will come to me at the right time.

Self-doubts will definitely come up, with mistakes, criticism from others and accidents. You are exploring unknown territory, hence a lot of questions will keep on popping up in your head. Know that no one is perfect. While working with your strengths, be aware of your weaknesses too. Accept them as a part of yourself, then learn to work on them and manage them.

Thus, Soar High.

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