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Wants with contentment and gratitude

The question that arises when I say, 'I am content and grateful with the life I have, and I want more', is 'Why would you want more if you already are content and grateful with what you have? Isn't that greed?'. Wants and dreams actually go well with contentment and gratitude. In fact, they work together in making life better.

Many have this image in their mind that to be happy and successful in life, you have to have a big house, a super car, high income, etc. So when I say I am happy with my life, they assume I have acquired certain assets or I am living in a certain condition with no problems, that gives me that happiness. And in this imagery, when I say I want more, again their assumptions might take them to thinking that I want more money or other materialistic things. Well that is not how it is and let me get it clear for you.

My life is not perfect, just as any life on earth. I have a lot of issues which can be a cause of misery. But I choose not to look at life like that. When I say I am content and grateful with my life, I am not talking just about the blessings and happy moments, but also the pain and hurtful moments too. You might be wondering how would one be at ease with their agony. It happens when you realize what your purpose, mission or vision of life is. My dream is around what I believe is my purpose of life. That brings in the meaning, to your past, present and future. I want resources that will help me pursue my dream. Money or all other materialistic things are just resources which will help me to bring my dream to reality. Mere attainment of the resources,i.e. money or any other materialistic thing, alone will not give me the fulfillment. Fulfillment for me comes from working everyday to live my dream, which is to help women who are struggling out there.

Contentment - a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Gratitude - the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks.

When you are grateful for what you have and make the best use of the resources you have at hand towards your dream, other resources that you need will flow into you. Contentment opens your eyes to what you really have and gratitude makes you make the best use of them, thus paving way for your dream to be a reality. Once you feel satisfied about your life, don't just sit there. Be thankful to the Almighty for the life He has given you by imparting that happiness to the society as you serve others.

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