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Start change

Stepping out of our comfort zone to change our life can overwhelm all of us. We keep on saying in our mind 'I need this change', yet we just can't keep up with the actions that are needed to bring on this change. Let's look into a few of the obstacles that gets in our way of achieving the change we want.

Change, steps to change, Change can be scary

1. The Pain

There would always be a pain, the pain of letting go of something, the pain of taking those extra efforts, the pain getting out of your comfort zone and so on. The pain of not being able to sleep during the cozy mornings if you want to wake up early. The pain of having to bear the sweat, cramps and tiredness after a workout. Your head would come up with these excuses every time you think to take a step ahead, finally you might lose the talk and end up procrastinating it.

2. All at one go

Changing a lot of things at one go might seem like a good idea at first because these might be connected to each other and we might think it would be easier and save time. Like, trying to follow a completely different routine and changing the schedule of all activities at once. But most of the time, we end up dropping it within a few days and go back to our old ways.

3. Unseen obstacles

Most who set out on a new journey, think the initial phase is the hard part and once we get over it, the ride would be smooth. But only when we set off would we realize a lot of unseen obstacles coming up. We would not have prepared our energy levels for this and might end up ditching the whole journey.

4. Losing Momentum

We start with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and hope,expecting to keep it going on for a long time. Remember taking up the gym membership for 6 months, but then excuses keep on piling up after days. Procrastination kicks in and at last we completely forget about it.

Now you might be thinking,' Yes, I have experienced these but then what should I DO to achieve the change'. Well, here are a few tips that will help you start off.

1. Believe in change

Imagine picking up a book to read or study. Not much strength required, right? Then what is it that prevents you from completing a book. Your Thoughts. To change your thoughts, first believe with all cells in your body that you can do it and you will do it. This will make it a lot easier.

2. Reasons = Motivation

Ask yourself, ' What is the real reason I want this change?' and 'What do I want to get away from and what do I want to attain with this change?'. Your reasons and need would be your best motivator. So, bring in the most powerful and convincing answers.

3. Be Prepared

When the weather is about to change, you prepare yourself, like changing your wardrobe. Your body would also take some time to adjust to the change in temperatures and the sense of time. Your food carvings would also change. Similarly, be prepared for the transition phase of any change you intend to make in life, before it gets on track and becomes a part of life. It might take some time to wrap your senses around it and it will also affect many other parts of your life.

4. See it

See what, how, when and with whom you would be bringing about this change you want, constantly in your mind. Make it more interesting by adding what you would say, hear, smell, feel or even taste. Visualisation makes it easier by giving your head an idea of how exactly you would be doing it.

I hope reading through these would have lifted up your spirits and try these while taking your nest step towards change. Stay tuned for more posts on how to change your life for the better.

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